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Recent articles (written or co-authored by Bonnie Bucqueroux):

The Community Policing Series

When Bucqueroux was Associate Director of the National Center for Community Policing, she co-authored or edited most of the publications in the Community Policing Series. Here are some offerings that have stood the test of time:

The Mississippi Police Corps Curriculum

  • Mississippi Police Corps Curriculum (note that it will take time for the page to load) - The Mississippi Police Corps has put its entire curriculum online. There are more than 60 PDF files of course outlines and instructional information, divided among the eight domains of policing:
    • ethics
    • skills
    • legal
    • wellness
    • leadership
    • communication
    • problem solving
    • community

    Curriculum topics range from intelligence-led patrol to conducting sobriety tests to dealing with domestic violence.

    Policing.com's Bonnie Bucqueroux was a member of the Police Executive Research Forum team whose mandate was to help the Mississippi Police Corps put their curriculum online. The team was directed by Drew Diamond, deputy director of PERF, and included Robert Lunney, former police chief in Edmonton, Canada.

  • Grand Rapids Strategic Plan Online - The plan serves as an example of a strategic plan that includes goals, objectives, strategies and milestones. Bucqueroux directed a strategic planning team that worked with the Grand Rapids Police Department to develop the plan. (Sorry but there is no downloadable PDF version of the plan.)
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