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Books on Issues in Policing

Multicultural Law Enforcement Multicultural Law Enforcement - Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society - Robert M. Husta, Deena Levine, Philip Harris, Herb Wong
The Police in the Community The Police in the Community - Strategies for the 21st Century - Linda S. Miller, Karen M. Hess
Proactive Police Management Proactive Police Management - Edward A. Thibault, Lawrence M. Lynch, Bruce R. McBride
Enlightened Leadership Englightened Leadership - Ed Oakley - Not a policing book per se, but popular among police leadership who want to know how to transform their organizations
Fixing Broken Windows Fixing Broken Windows - Geroge L. Kelling, Catherine M. Coles - This book follows up on the ideas introduced in the Atlantic article on the broken windows theory that Kelling co-authored with James Q. Wilson
The Turnaround - Bratton The Turnaround - How America's Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic - William Bratton & Peter Knobler
The Crime Fighter The Crime Fighter - Putting the Bad Guys Out of Business - Jack Maple
Comstat Paradigm The Compstat Paradigm - Management Accountability in Policing - Vincent E. Henry, William J. Bratton
Managing Police Operations - Implementing the NYPD Crime Control Model using Comstat - Phyllis McDonald
Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement (with InfoTrac) - Wayne W. Bennett, Karen M. Hess
Supervision of Police Personnel Supervision of Police Personnel - Nathan F. Iannone, Martin P. Iannone
Police Administration Police Administration - James R. Fyfe, Jack R. Green, William F. Walsh, O. W. Wilson, Roy McLaren
Crime Reduction and Problem-Oriented Policing Crime Reduction and Problem-Oriented Policing - Karen Bullock, Nick Tilley
Leadership, Ethics and Policing Leadership, Ethics and Policing - Challenges for the 21st Century - Edwin Meese, P. J. Ortmeier - Former U. S. Attorney General Ed Meese was part of the Harvard Executive Sessions on Policing that sparked the community policing movement
Enforcing Ethics Enforcing Ethics - A Scenario-Based Workbook for Police, Corrections Recruits, Officers and Supervisors - Debbie Goodman
Cops and Character - Ethics in Policing - Edwin Delattre - This book triggered widespread interest in teaching police ethics as a discipline
Policing and Violence Policing and Violence - Ronald G. Burns, Charles E. Crawford
Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation - A Multidisciplinary Approach - Robert R. Hazelwood, Ann Wolbert Burgess - Rape remains one of the most challenging crimes that police must investigate
Surviving Street Patrol Surviving Street Patrol - The Officer's Guide to Safe and Effective Policing - Steve Albrecht - Officer safety remains a top concern among police
Controversial Issues in Policing Controversial Issues in Policing - James D. Sewall, Steven A. Egger - The book attempts to give both sides of many of the serious issues in policing
Policing in America - Policing in America - Clemans Bartollas, Larry D. Hahn - A textbook that tries to put policing into a broader perspective

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