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Books on Community Policing

Community Policing - how to get started Community Policing: How to get started - Robert Trojanowicz & Bonnie Bucqueroux
COPS Office CD-ROM COPS CD-ROM - U.S. Department of Justice COPS Office - The CD-ROM contains guides and application kits. The contribution of the COPS Office and the Community Policing Consortium have been enormous
Policing Communities Policing Communities - Understanding Crime and Solving Problems - Ronald W. Glensor - Glensor's experiences in Nevada inform his insights into how to apply community policing to community-based problem solving
  Community Policing and Problem Solving: Strategis and Tactics - Kenneth J. Peak, Ronald W. Glensor
Changing Police Culture - Policing in a Multicultural Society - Janet B. L. Chan (Australia) - Looking at the thinking in other cultures can help inform our thinking about domestic concerns
Community Policing - Chicago Style Community Policing - Chicago Style - Wesley Skogan - Chicago's strong neighborhoood organizations continue to serve as the foundation for their brand of community policing
Community Policing - A handbook for beat cops and supervisors Community Policing: A handbook for beat cops and supervisors - Howard Rahtz
Community Policing - Classical Readings Community Policing - Classical Readings - Willard M. Oliver
Community Policing - Comparative Perspectives and Prospects Community Policing - Comparative Perspectives and Prospects - Robert R. Friendmann
Cop Talk Cop Talk: Essential Communication Skills for Community Policing - Virginia V. Kidd, Rick Braziel - Community policing expands the traditional skill set that police officers must learn to include strong communication skills
Police Supervision and Management in an Era of Community Policing - Kenneth K. Peak, Larry K. Gaines, Ronald W. GLensor - Community policing requires re-thinking traditional police supervision and management
The Challenge of Community Policing The Challenge of Community Policing: Testing the Promises - Dennis Rosenbaum - Rosenbaum continues to challenge community policing to explore whether community policing will live up to its promise
International Perspectives on Community Policing and Crime Prevention International Perspectives on Community Policing and Crime Prevention - Dilip K. Das, Steven P. Lab

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