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Affordable, effective technical assistance packages tailored to your needs

We provide technical assistance (TA) for (1) strategic planning and (2) program evaluation. These customized packages are guaranteed to help you succeed today, while building internal capacity for the future.

Each TA package includes a customized toolkit of personalized checklists, forms, and instructions you can put to immediate use. Each package also includes telephone technical assistance from experts from the Policing.com team. Let us walk you through the process, troubleshooting problems along the way.

  • Strategic Planning Technical Assistance Package - Need help in developing a three- to five-year strategic plan that incorporates a commitment to community policing? Policing.com offcers a full package of checklists and forms tailored to your specific needs, as well as a step-by-step outline for how to use them. The package comes with 12 hours of telephone technical assistance (TTA). Use those hours to walk yourself through the process step by step -- and to confer about opportunities and obstacles along the way. Imagine how much we can accomplish together in a series of one-hour conference calls! Work with us to build in periodic plan reviews and a final flyspecking before publication.

    • Order today and save - Call for details about our introductory offer -- full toolkit of forms, checklists, and instructions, tailored to your needs, as well as up to 20 hours of technical assistance
  • Program Evaluation - How can you develop the in-house ability to do the quality program evaluations that government and foundations demand nowadays? By the hour or the day, we will coach you through the process, in person or by telephone. For a modest investment, you will learn how to structure and conduct a quality evaluation.

CALL US at 517-381-9844 for more information.

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