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Sites Specific to Community Policing

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

  • Mississippi Police Corps Curriculum (note that it will take time for the page to load) - The Mississippi Police Corps devleoped more than 60 course descriptions, organized among the eight domains of policing:
    • ethics
    • skills
    • legal
    • wellness
    • leadership
    • communication
    • problem solving
    • community

    Curriculum topics range from intelligence-led patrol to conducting sobriety tests to dealing with domestic violence.

    Bucqueroux was a member of the Police Executive Research Forum team whose mandate was to help the Mississippi Police Corps put their curriculum online. The team was directed by Drew Diamond, deputy director of PERF, and included Robert Lunney, former police chief in Edmonton, Canada.

    Though the Web site for the Mississippi Police Corps has been taken down, the link above will take you to the curriculum they developed.

Strategic Plans (please submit an electronic copy of your strategic plan and we will post it)

Other sites with valuable information

  • Balanced & Restorative Justice - Here are hidden links to four weeks of free online classes produced by Bonnie Bucqueroux and her team for the Michigan Bureau of Juvenile Justice:
  • How To Become a Police Officer - by Eli Galayda
  • StopViolence.com - A rich resource on opportunities to reduce violence in our culture.
  • Crime Prevention Coalition of America - This group is dedicated to providing and promoting crime prevention education, training, technical assistance and professional development to crime prevention practitioners.
  • Community Toolbox - A tremendous online resource about building various skills.
  • The Vidocq Society - This group, comprised of top forensic scientists worldwide, works selected cold cases pro bono.
  • Police Futures Group - The Police Futures Group, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, was established in September 1997 and is attached to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • Law Enforcement News - The John Jay College publication that offers up-to-date news of the field.
National Police Organizations Criminal Justice Organizations & Victim Groups Other sites of interest
  • The Killology Research Group - Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, author of the book On Killing, has established this group to explore how human beings are taught to overcome their inherent aversion to killing.
  • Policy.com - A superb online source of information and analysis on critical issues.
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