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  • A Brief History of Policing - 55-minute DVD and Study Guide - A perfect way to introduce criminal justice majors, police trainees, and community residents to the history of policing. The companion study guide includes discussion questions, research topics and exercises for groups of all kinds. . . . more
  • Community Policing for Line-Level Officers - Click here to register for the free online course . . . more
  • Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) - Canada and Australia have adopted BARJ as the best way to help troubled youngsters find a better path. Take this four-week course at your own pace. Produced in collaboration with the Building Responsive Communities initiative sponsored by the Michigan Bureau of Juvenile Justice. . . more
  • Helping Our Girls (Gender Responsive Programming) - Girls have their own issues. Programs that fail to recognize the importance of these issues are doomed to fail. This self-paced online course offers the basics in gender-responsive programming, and it includes video of Dr. Glenn Stutzky discussing how to bully proof our schools. Produced in collaboration with the Michigan Task Force on Gender Responsive Programming. . . more
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